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Conic Twin screw Extruding and Sheeting Mill

Product introduction: The twin-shaft conical screw extruder is mainly composed of two conical screws and two rollers. Usually installed at the downstream of a pressurized internal mixer or a sealed high-speed mixer (falling 10,000 horsepower), the mass of rubber compound after mixing through the internal mixer or 10,000 horsepower passes through the two cones of the extruder The screw is continuously extruded to the drum and continuously calendered according to the set speed. This set of equipment does not require a special person to be responsible for operation. It replaces the general roller with one machine and one person, which can reduce costs and improve work efficiency and market competitiveness.

1. Save manpower and energy

2. It can be produced continuously and automatically, which is the best equipment for automation

3. The uniquely designed conical screw and extruding chamber can twist the whole batch of rubber materials after mixing into it without material accumulation and residual material.

4. Good cooling efficiency, high cooling efficiency of the rubber compound, which can ensure the stability of the rubber compound's physical properties and quality

5. The feed inlet is wide and convenient for feeding Convenient material cleaning, simple maintenance and long machine life